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Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn – Know Where The Money Comes From In Your Marriage

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Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn - Know Where The Money Comes From In Your Marriage If you’re going into the divorce process, there are two terms you will become familiar with very quickly: “monied spouse” and “non-monied spouse”.  The “monied spouse” is the spouse who makes all or most of the money in a marriage.  The “non-monied spouse” is the spouse who makes none or least of the money in a marriage.  With very few exceptions, the “monied spouse” is required to pay child support and spousal maintenance to the “non-monied spouse” for a pre-determined duration of time.   Unfortunately, a common problem for...

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Divorce Lawyers In NYC Are Against The New Legislation Aimed To Further Tax Alimony.

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Divorce Lawyers In NYC Are Against The New Legislation Aimed To Further Tax Alimony. By now everyone has heard that the GOP is attempting to pass major tax reform legislation.  On Thursday, November 16, 2017, the House passed their version of the tax bill, the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act,” first introduced on November 2, 2017, and now the Senate will debate passing a version of their own. As one of the divorce lawyers in NYC, I'm opposed to this legislation. The House bill is sweeping - cutting the corporate tax rate, changing the rates at which personal income is taxed, eliminating...

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Why should you try to settle your divorce? Rated Top Divorce Attorneys In NYC Weigh In.

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Why should you try to settle your divorce? Rated top divorce attorneys in NYC weight in. There is a common misconception that all divorces must go to court, and that, once in court, the only thing to do is argue in front of the judge and hope he or she decides in your favor.   What most people don’t know is that the parties in a divorce have the power to settle the case at any stage in the process.   From before any papers are filed to mid-trial, the parties can sign an agreement and bring their divorce to a close. As one...

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Should I Hire Male Or Female Divorce Lawyer? Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn Answer.

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Does gender matter when choosing a New York matrimonial or family law attorney? Kleyman Law Firm Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn and Manhattan offer their opinion.  Though the gender of your attorney ultimately makes little difference--in the courtroom or the boardroom--the fact remains that gender plays a role in the attorney-client relationship. The role it plays, however, is largely subjective, and will most likely vary based on the individual client. Divorce lawyers in Brooklyn will tell you that you will find a pretty good balance of male and female attorneys practicing in Kings County. This was not always the case. For many years,...

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Do Courts Favor Mom Over Dad In Divorce – Divorce Lawyers In New York Weigh In.

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The Gender-Based Custody Myth: Divorce Lawyers In New York Debunking the Misconception that Courts Invariably Award Custody to the Mother I see many clients that ask me about a common misconception that mothers (rather than fathers) will automatically be awarded custody of a child (or children) in a family or matrimonial court action.  In actuality, however, judges base their decision on a wide range of factors which have, over the years, consistently proven to be good indicators of the “best interests” of the child or children – none of which include the gender of the parent. Experienced divorce lawyers in New York will tell...

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Love is the spark that gets the fire started. Learn How To Manage A Fire From NY Divorce Lawyers.

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Love is the spark that gets the fire started. Fire is the relationship that comes form the spark. Trust, respect and discipline are the wood chips that keep the fire burning. NY divorce lawyers know that most couples are great at starting fires, but many get lazy, lose interest or forget to add wood to keep it burning. When the fire starts dying out, some leave looking to get warm somewhere else only to find that those fires need wood as well. When the fire has died, hot coals and ashes are still dangerous since the wind of divorce can...

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Don’t Wait Until January To Leave A Bad Marriage – Top Divorce Lawyers In NYC

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January is known as the "divorce month" in the matrimonial law community. There is a large influx of divorce filings and regardless if you are one of the top divorce lawyers in NYC or just someone who recently started their practice as a divorce attorney, you will experience a great surge in business this month. Many New York divorce attorneys think that it's related to the holidays in December the desire for many parents to save their kids from the trauma of divorce. Statistics continuously support this "Christmas In January" for divorce lawyers trend. While this is good news for us,...

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Make The Best Of Going Through Divorce During The Holidays

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Best divorce lawyers and family attorneys in New York will tell you that whether you are litigating in court or negotiating a settlement, winter holidays can be a great time to help the sides reach a compromise because it's during these times we are reminded about the goodness in this world and important things in life that matter. Here are my thoughts and suggestions. The holidays are here but for you, the season of lights and festivities brings anxiety and stress. You are going through a divorce. Your journey through this complicated and painful legal, psychological and emotional process must continue...

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When Is The Best Time To Get Divorced According To NY Divorce Attorneys.

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Many people that are contemplating divorce try to figure out when the best time would be to end their dysfunctional marriage. NY divorce attorneys frequently meet with potential clients that are convinced that their marriage is over, yet are conflicted when they should file for divorce and start the process of terminating their marriage. While the decision "when" is very personal and specific to each situation, there may also be strategic advantages and disadvantages tied to the timing of starting a divorce. [mkd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""]The client has to be emotionally and financially ready to take...

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Spousal Support – NYC Divorce Lawyer Reality Check

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It's 10 am on a hot summer Monday morning and while most attorneys are probably laying out on the beach enjoying an extra day to their weekend, I'm in my office in downtown financial district ready for my next client to come in. Why? Because unlike in all other areas of law, summer is the busiest season for divorce in New York, and I 'm a NYC divorce lawyer. With the sun shining, abundance of money and bikini clad bodies everywhere, high flying relationships are put to the ultimate test. Those that don't pass and don't have a prenuptial agreement, find...

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