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Going through divorce or resolving family law matters can be a very costly process. In most cases, one household turns into two separate households, which doubles expenses. In addition, attorney fees add a significant cost to both sides. Family attorneys are not allowed to have contingency fee arrangements, or to take any interest or percentage of any of the marital property and assets as compensation. Because of this, family law attorneys are paid by the hour for all of the work they do on any given case. This includes all forms of communication with clients, other attorneys, the court and anyone else involved in the case. It also includes court appearances, mediation sessions, review of financial documents, legal research, motion practice and many other legal tasks.

In our firm, clients and their interests always come first. We swore an oath to help people and take great pride in offering fair and competitive pricing for the level of experience, depth of knowledge, and legal services we provide. We apply basic rules of fair dealing, transparency and full disclosure. Our work is always done in pursuit of what is best for the client. Therefore, if a case is best settled early and quickly, we will advise all sides to pursue an amicable resolution irrespective of the fact that we may have fewer hours billed and less in legal fees that could be earned. If a case requires a strong stance and a trial to best serve our client, we will deliver the highest level of legal representation and will not give up fighting for our clients until we achieve a just and fair outcome.

The time and cost it takes to resolve a divorce or a family law matter is extremely difficult to predict due to many variables that exist at the inception of the case, and many of which develop as the case progresses.  In general, we find the complexity of each case and the level of cooperation between the two parties will ultimately have the biggest impact on both duration and cost of a case.

We incorporate modern technology and best available team practices to help us work smarter within a traditional industry, which ultimately makes the legal process and experience more efficient and affordable for our clients. The hourly rates for our family lawyers range from $400 to $500 per hour, depending on their experience and years of practice. Time is meticulously kept and checked by several time tracking software systems with checks and balances. Any billing issues or questions are routinely resolved favoring our clients since we never wish to lose a relationship over billable hours. Our firm is proud to have a reportable 97% retention rate of our clients.

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You do not get billed for any time attorneys or staff spend discussing your case among our legal team during our routine case meetings, lead attorney meetings or strategy sessions. This is unique to our firm and helps our clients save thousands of dollars each month in legal fees.  We work together as a team and brainstorm every case and every issue, but this is our chosen approach and a great benefit to our clients.


From time to time, we choose to have two attorneys or a paralegal to assist an attorney during court appearances, settlement conferences and conduct conference calls and meetings with clients. As long as the decision for multiple team members is ours, you will only be billed for the most senior attorney’s time for any such work. This happens very often and saves thousands of dollars by avoiding double billing.


We bill travel time to and from court appearances or conferences based only on public transportation (subway) and no traffic commute (which is hardly ever the case in NYC). We also do not bill any garage or parking fees if our attorneys choose to commute by a car. Our staff does not bill for routine administrative and scheduling tasks tasks. We also do not charge clients for extensive photocopying costs, which leads to tremendous savings.

Legal Fees Demystified

The below estimates are for informational purposes only. For a more accurate estimate tailored to the facts or your situation, please book a consultation with one of our family lawyers.


Retainer of 5 hours ($2,500), Possible Duration 5-7 hours, 3+ months


Retainer of 5 hours ($2,500), possible duration 5-7 hours, 3+ months
  • Attorney provides a full consultation and analysis of all legal issues (example: custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, division of marital assets).
  • Parties utilize the legal analysis provided to independently negotiate and reach a resolution to each legal issue without attorney involvement.
  • Settlement is reached.
  • Attorney prepares a settlement agreement and all required uncontested divorce documents based on terms provided by client.
  • Both sides sign the settlement agreement and all other required documents before notary public.
  • Attorney files all documents with the court and oversees that divorce is granted.
  • Attorney provides client with updates and sends Judgement of Divorce to client once signed by the court.


Retainer of 10 hours ($5,000), Possible Duration 10-15 hours, 6+ months


Retainer of 10 hours ($5,000), Possible Duration 10-15 hours, 6+ months
  • Attorney provides a full consultation and analysis of all legal issues (example: custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, division of marital assets)
  • Attorney contacts opposing side to discuss the case and all legal issues.
  • Attorney engages in initial basic financial disclosure with opposing side.
  • Attorney prepares a settlement position including possible resolutions to legal issues, potential court outcomes, associated legal costs and risks, and discusses settlement with client.
  • Attorney obtains settlement terms from the opposing side.
  • Attorney engages in cooperative negotiation of settlement terms with opposing side.
  • Settlement is reached.
  • All other points of “UNCONTESTED DIVORCE” 


Retainer of 20 hours ($10,000), Possible Duration 20-60 hours, 9+ months


Retainer of 20 hours ($10,000), Possible Duration 20-60 hours, 9+ months
  • Attorney engages in deep and complex financial and asset disclosure and discovery with opposing side.
  • Attorney utilizes subpoenas (if necessary) to obtain relevant disclosure.
  • Engagement of forensics and asset valuations.
  • Attorney conducts multiple in person or telephone settlement conferences with opposing side.
  • Attorney prepares and negotiates several drafts of the settlement agreement.


Retainer of 40 hours (20,000), possible duration 100+ hours, 12+ months


Retainer of 40 hours (20,000), possible duration 100+ hours, 12+ months
  • Court is engaged to resolve legal issues
  • Attorney prepares detailed case strategy
  • Attorney engages in motion practice in court (if necessary)
  • Attorney and client prepare for court appearances with required documents.
  • Attorney engages in aggressive high conflict litigation.
  • Attorney communicates with opposing side, court, attorneys for the children, and experts (if any)


Retainer 60 hours ($30,000), possible duration 200+ hours, 2+years


Retainer 60 hours ($30,000), possible duration 200+ hours, 2+years
  • Complex discovery including independent forensics: private investigators, surveillance, financial experts, asset and business evaluators, etc.
  • Attorney prepares complex case strategy
  • Attorney engages in extensive motion practice in court
  • Attorney exclusively handles all communications with opposing side.
  • Attorney provides on demand high level of client counseling and support.
  • Attorney engages in appellate practice, if required.


Retainer 10 hours ($5,000), Possible Duration 2 days-1 month


Retainer of 20 hours ($10,000), Possible Duration 20-60 hours, 9+ months
  • Attorney engages in drafting of a Prenuptial/Postnuptial agreement or reviews an existing agreement. 
  • Attorney meets with client to go over each section of the agreement.
  • Attorney and client prepare a financial disclosure addendum.
  • Attorney consults client on any legal issues associated with execution of the agreement.
  • Attorney negotiates terms and changes in the agreement with the attorney for the other spouse.
  • Clients execute the agreement before notaries and witnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

The first step is to contact us and have your first free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. This can be done by telephone (recommended) or in person, if you prefer. You can call us at 212-401-1977 or fill out a Contact Form on our site.

What will we discuss during the initial phone consultation?

It’s a private and confidential consultation between you and one of our attorneys (by phone or at our office). During this consultation, one of our attorneys will obtain basic information about your specific divorce or family law matter. Then the attorney will identify and provide you with legal issues that must be resolved or that you may face in your case together with a general overview of the applicable legal process. You will receive information and answers related to your specific situation. We will also discuss our qualifications, fees and provide you with an anticipated quote for a starting retainer based on the perceived level of complexity and cooperation of the parties. We will make sure to provide you with all the information you need to understand your situation and to make an informed decision in terms of next steps.

When do I come to meet with you in person and is it required?

We always recommend that you come to meet with one of our attorneys in person after you have had your initial consultation with us on the phone. This can save a lot of time as we can better determine if there is a good connection between us, if we can actually help you with your matter, and if our firm is a good fit. After our phone consultation, we certainly advise that you come in to meet us in person in our office. This way, you can actually meet multiple members of our legal team and solidify our relationship. However, if you are located outside of New York City or simply have no time or ability to come to our office, we can begin our representation of you after the initial phone consultation by utilizing our advanced client management system where you can review our retainer, make your payment, upload and download documents and communicate with us.

Is there a fee for the legal consultation?

The initial 30 minute consultation (by phone or in person) is free. We do not believe you should have to pay before you have had an opportunity to hear about our firm, learn about our qualifications or meet us in person. We view every free consultation as an opportunity to educate and share a bit of our knowledge with those in need as well as help someone who may be very nervous and anxious about the divorce and family law process. The first 30 minutes of your personal meeting that follows a phone consultation is also complimentary and if you change your mind and decide not to proceed after you meet one of our attorneys in person, that is certainly your right and it will not cost you anything.

What happens after the initial consultation?

You should take some time to think about your decision to hire an attorney. It is an extremely important decision that you will make and will have a dramatic impact on your case and your future. Finding the right fit with a firm or an attorney in divorce and family law is a must and can be the difference between a successful outcome and a highly stressful and disastrous divorce. As such, you should carefully research attorneys and choose a legal team that has the required expertise and resources, is affordable to you, and will place your interests first. The choice is yours and we certainly hope we are the right firm for you.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept all methods of payment including all major credit cards. We do not accept crypto currency. Payment can be made in person, on the phone or through our secure online portal.

How does billing work?

We utilize a state-of-the-art time keeping system that our staff is obligated to use for logging all of their time daily. The system keeps track through an automated process that requires each staff member to initiate a clock when any of the tasks on behalf of a client are started. The time entries are then verified by our managing attorney for inconsistencies or inaccuracies. All billable activities and expenses are itemized in detail on each invoice, which are sent to clients once per month. The client’s retainer balance is then used to satisfy the outstanding invoice balance. If the client has any issues or questions with the charges, those issues are resolved via a non-billable conference with our managing attorney.

Do you offer payment plans?

We understand that our required retainer and legal fees can be very expensive for many. We try to accommodate prospective clients as much as possible to make sure that money is not the deciding factor for someone wishing to engage our firm. In certain instances, we can offer to break up the initial retainer in two equal payments with a few weeks in between to accommodate pay schedules. However, it is important to understand that we do not accept every case. Our capacity is limited because we exclusively practice divorce and family law and remain a boutique firm.

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Choosing the right divorce lawyer and family attorney to handle your case is the most important step in the process. We offer you an opportunity to meet our attorneys in person during a FREE consultation and gain confidence in our in-depth knowledge and abilities BEFORE you have to spend any money. We are also happy to provide you with a second opinion if you already have legal representation.