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New York Post – Divorce filings drop as COVID-19 lockdown mends marriages

Divorce filings drop as COVID-19 lockdown mends marriages By Dean Balsamini June 27, 2020 | 4:59pm Some experts predicted a flood of divorce […]

CBS News Interview: Ashley Madison Breach and Divorce

Interview with Val Kleyman on CBS News regarding Ashley Madison account breach and effects on divorce.

Client Testimonial: Fatman Scoop

Isaac Freeman III aka Fatman Scoop discusses his experience as a client with The Kleyman Law Firm..

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Val Kleyman discusses the difference between contested and uncontested divorce during a CLE lecture.

Fault In Divorce Cases

Val Kleyman discusses fault in divorce cases during a lecture for other attorneys.

Time Is A Critical Factor In Divorce

Val Kleyman comments on time being a critical and determinative factor in divorce.

Divorce Process Is A Complex Highway

Val Kleyman comments on the process of divorce compared to crossing a complex highway.

Divorce Lawyers Are The Crossing Guards

Val Kleyman comments on the job of divorce attorneys as crossing guards in the divorce process.

Telling The Truth In Divorce Cases

Val Kleyman comments on the importance of clients and divorce lawyers being candid and truthful at all times.

Step Two in Divorce: Forgiveness

Val Kleyman comments on step two of every divorce process: forgiving your spouse for any perceived wrongdoing.

Step One in Divorce: Acceptance

Val Kleyman comments on Step 1 of every divorce process: acceptance that the relationship is over.

Step Three In Divorce: Moving Forward

Val Kleyman explains why moving forward is a must in getting through divorce.

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