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Post Divorce And Judgment Enforcement

Specifics of international private law.
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After divorce is over and when the court issues a judgment, both sides must comply with the court order and the terms of the judgement. When a party does not follow the court order, a special enforcement proceedings must be brought to make sure that the order is followed. Parties can’t independently change the terms of a divorce or a court order without first bringing the matter before the court again. Only a judge can modify or change an existing court order.

Parties may also experience unanticipated changes in financial situation that necessitate a review and adjustment to the agreement or prior court order. All modifications and adjustment must be done through court. Nonpayment of child support and spousal maintenance, disregard or lack of cooperation in complying with custody agreements, and interfering with court ordered  visitation can lead to being help in contempt, fines, and other negative consequences. Proper legal representation is neccessary to compel or enforce appropriate behavior or adherence to the court orders.