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Your family and interests of your loved ones should always come first. Protect them from the avalanche of divorce at all costs for they are the most important assets you will ever have. – Val Kleyman, Esq.

Divorce or family law related disputes can have serious negative effects on your loved ones. While most of the time, it’s the children of the marriage or from a relationship that are effected, parents, siblings and those very close to you can also suffer from the emotional and mental anguish often associated with termination of marriages and relationships. Those going through a breakup often can lose track of the serious impact that the process has on their children and the possible negative side effects brought on by the animosity and prolonged fighting. At Kleyman, we believe it’s our job as your counselors and attorneys to make sure that we help you understand the effects of divorce or other legal process has on your loved ones and design legal strategy that minimizes the unwanted impact on those that matter most.  

Focus On What Matters

  • FAMILY FIRST?? Case strategy with minimum stress and impact on children
  • CONFIDENTIALITY?? Completely confidential consultation
  • RESOLUTION?? Focus on fast resolution
  • UNDERSTANDING???Caring and compassionate legal representation

Personal Approach

  • In divorce and family cases, the right strategy is the difference between success and failure.
  • Our divorce attorneys speak your language, know your lifestyle and understand your concerns.
  • We work with our clients to craft the legal strategy that is right for each situation. This enables us to deliver promised outcomes.

NY Law Firm

  • If you have a NY divorce or family issue, it’s critical to have a divorce attorney who knows the New York courts.
  • Our main office is located in the heart of the Financial District in the historic Equitable Building just steps from Wall Street.
  • We developed a reputation as “The Wall Street Divorce Lawyers” and we are proud of this identity

Right Strategy

  • Right strategy and approach to a divorce or family matter is 99% of success
  • Amicable and collaborative approach to divorce & family matters
  • Mediation and negotiation solutions
  • Trial attorneys recognized by NY courts