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honesty, integrity & compassion above all else. client always comes first.
If your are considering divorce, going through divorce or have a family court matter, you MUST know, understand and accept the TRUTH about your circumstances.
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Kleyman Domestic Relations Law Firm Client

Val acted with honesty and integrity and that’s not something that you see every single day. You can’t put a price tag on that. At the end of the day, a legal firm is a business, but what that man has shown me is heart, compassion and understanding. In my personal opinion, this is the best law firm to be at.

if you are looking for no-nonsense, no time wasting legal team, you found it.

Finding resolutions to complex problems and challenges in divorce or family court matters can be incredibly stressful. It’s a situation where you may no longer trust or get along with the other party, and reaching a mutual agreement seems impossible. Differences in goals and perspectives can make it even more difficult, especially when it comes to matters involving children or finances. Emotions like anger, resentment, and selfishness may also come into play, making it hard to maintain a reasonable and logical approach on your own. But you don’t have to face this alone. Our experienced legal team is here to guide you through these tough times and help you navigate the legal process towards a favorable outcome.

Richard Arce, Esq.
Senior Attorney

Richard is a highly versatile attorney with a comprehensive skill set, adept at navigating the complexities of any divorce or family law case. Whether it’s through negotiation or trial proceedings, he brings a multifaceted approach to ensure the best possible resolution for his clients. His ability to adapt and excel in various aspects of family law instills confidence and reassurance in those he represents during what can often be a challenging and emotionally taxing process.

wayne mazur, Esq.

Wayne boasts over three decades of experience practicing divorce and family law specifically in New York City. As a seasoned litigator, he’s well-versed in trial and appellate proceedings, known for his tenacity in the courtroom. However, what sets Wayne apart is his ability to think outside the box, often finding innovative solutions to even the most challenging family law cases. His blend of toughness and creativity makes him a formidable advocate for his clients, ensuring their interests are fiercely protected while striving for the best possible outcomes.

val kleyman, Esq.
founder & ceo

Val serves as the founder, CEO, and lead strategist at the firm, bringing over two decades of experience as a litigator and trial attorney to the table. With a notable clientele including celebrities, athletes, and high net worth individuals, he has established himself as a trusted legal advisor in high-profile circles. Val’s role extends beyond representation; he’s the driving force behind the firm’s legal strategy, ensuring that every case receives the meticulous attention and expertise it deserves. His leadership and strategic acumen set the tone for the firm’s approach to delivering top-notch legal services and securing favorable outcomes for their clients.

jessica zelenka, Esq.
Associate Attorney

Jessica brings her talent and expertise to the field of family law, focusing in areas such as child custody, parenting issues, and family offense petitions. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved, she serves as a passionate advocate for equal parental rights. Jessica’s approach prioritizes balanced and fair resolutions, recognizing the importance of fostering healthy relationships within families while ensuring the best interests of all parties involved. Her dedication to achieving equitable outcomes underscores her commitment to serving her clients with integrity and compassion.

danile clement, Esq.
of counsel

Daniel serves as an of counsel attorney to the firm, providing invaluable expertise in complex divorce and family law litigation. Widely recognized as one of the top family law attorneys in New York City, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Daniel’s guidance is particularly sought after in cases involving substantial financial assets and challenging child custody disputes. His strategic insights and legal acumen play a pivotal role in navigating these intricate matters, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive representation tailored to their unique circumstances. Daniel’s contributions bolster the firm’s ability to tackle even the most formidable legal challenges with confidence and proficiency.

Anyone can claim to be the best. it’s not until you are recognized by independent sources and your peers for your work that you can truly say it. Our attorneys are rated among the best NYC divorce lawyers.

Super Lawyers Rising Stars Selection: Val Kleyman (2016-2017), Super Lawyer Selection: Val Kleyman (2020 – 2022). This rating of Top Rated Family Law Attorney in New York is awarded to only 2.5% of attorneys by Super Lawyers, a rating service that selects attorneys using a patented multiphase selection process.

Val Kleyman was named in 1% Of Attorneys In The Nation by Nation’s Top Attorneys. Less than 1% of practicing attorneys in the United States are members and the recipients of this prestigious award demonstrated the highest ideals of the legal profession.

Val Kleyman was named one of the Top 30 Divorce Lawyers in New York City by the The National Advocates. Membership is extended solely to the select few of the most qualified lawyers who demonstrate superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature and public profile.

Kleyman Law Firm ranked as #4 in TOP 12 Divorce Lawyers & Attorneys In New York by TrustAnalytica that monitors client ratings.

Val Kleyman is peer review rated for ethical standards and legal abilities by Martindale-Hubbell in the areas of divorce and family law in New York.

Val Kleyman is rated “Superb”, 10 out of 10 for divorce and family law by This top divorce lawyers in New York rating is awarded to attorneys with high level of satisfaction among past clients, as well as a seal of approval from other attorneys in the matrimonial law community.

Val Kleyman has been selected as an Elite Lawyer In New York since 2018 for the areas of matrimonial and family law by the Elite Lawyer, a rating service which recognizes attorneys who exhibit the highest degree of client satisfaction in their field.

best divorce lawyer NYC

The Kleyman Law Firm was selected as on of the Top Divorce Lawyers In New York City by after analyzing credentials of 1,902 Divorce Lawyers serving New York City.

no fake reviews. we put our name behind our work. our clients put their names behind us.

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Kleyman Domestic Relations Law Firm Client

They carried me every step of the way, walked me through the process and came out with the resolution that I needed. Val Kleyman & The Kleyman Law Firm – the only way to go.

why choose our firm
We understand the dynamics of relationships and handle their conclusion with sensitivity and individual approach
Contested, High Conflict Divorce
When there are unsettled issues that will be litigated in court, you need a legal team with court and trial experiences to fight for your rights in court. Our attorneys and forensic experts are well known for our litigation skills and trial abilities. We are prepared to lead and also serve as litigation counsel on your case.
Uncontested, Cooperative Divorce
Spouses who are able to reach their own agreements regarding custody, property and support in a divorce may be able to complete an uncontested divorce. This is the fastest, least expensive and easiest form of divorce. To accomplish this, our lawyers use mediation, negotiation and collaborative approaches to assist you in reaching an amicable resolution.
Post Divorce Compliance & Modification
Many times, former spouses need to return to court for resolution of post-divorce legal matters. This includes enforcement of court orders and compliance, upward and downward modification of support obligations and changes of custody provisions.
Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
If you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, our attorneys have the required knowledge and experience to protect you and explain all your rights and applicable laws. We are ready to help you make the right decisions and guide you through the process of negotiating and entering into a valid and enforceable marital agreement.
Domestic Relations Appeals
When Supreme Court or Family Court renders a decision that is not in line with precedent law, applicable statutes o or is somehow biased, prejudicial or deprives a litigant of due process, such a decision can be appealed to the Appellate Division. Appellate division will review the decision after the appeal is perfected.
Child Custody & Parental Access
Unmarried or divorcing parents must work out an arrangement regarding the custody of their children. When parents can’t agree on custody and major decision making by agreement, they face some of the most sensitive and difficult cases that can be brought before a court. We approach these cases with the highest degree of professionalism and care in our pursuit of the desired outcome.
Child & Spousal Support
Both parents have a responsibility to provide financial support for their children. Depending on the duration of the marriage and the financial circumstances of each spouse in a divorce, spousal support may also be awarded to one spouse on a temporary or permanent basis. We will pursue proper financial support for you and/or your children.
Asset & Property Division
Property and assets acquired during the marriage will need to be equitably divided during a divorce. Our legal team has significant experience with complex assets and high net worth property division. We utilize extensive discovery techniques and asset analysis to help our clients pursue a full and fair division of marital assets.
Domestic Violence & Family Offenses
Domestic violence involves any type of assault or abuse of a family member, domestic partner, spouse, ex-spouse or other member of a household. Whether you have been abused or if you stand accused, we will fight to defend your rights and protect you in court.
Hague Convention & International Domestic Relations
When one party removes a minor child from jurisdiction of one country to another, a special proceeding must be brought under the laws of the Hague Convention provided the countries are signatories to the Convention. Many other divorce, property division and custody matters span multiple countries requiring involvement of international law.
frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to contact us and have your first free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. This can be done by telephone (recommended) or in person, if you prefer. You can call us at 212-401-1977 or fill out a Contact Form on our site.

It’s a private and confidential consultation between you and one of our attorneys (by phone or at our office). During this consultation, one of our attorneys will obtain basic information about your specific divorce or family law matter. Then the attorney will identify and provide you with legal issues that must be resolved or that you may face in your case together with a general overview of the applicable legal process. You will receive information and answers related to your specific situation. We will also discuss our qualifications, fees and provide you with an anticipated quote for a starting retainer based on the perceived level of complexity and cooperation of the parties. We will make sure to provide you with all the information you need to understand your situation and to make an informed decision in terms of next steps.

With all advanced video conferencing technology, it is no longer necessary for you to formally come to meet our attorneys in person and the same can be done via all of the platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google, Skype, WhatsApp and many others.  This can save a lot of time as we can better determine if there is a good connection between us, if we can actually help you with your matter, and if our firm is a good fit. After our phone or video consultation, we can begin our representation of you by utilizing our advanced client management system where you can review our retainer, make your payment, upload and download documents and communicate with us.

The initial 30 minute consultation (by phone or in person) is free. We do not believe you should have to pay before you have had an opportunity to hear about our firm, learn about our qualifications or meet us in person. We view every free consultation as an opportunity to educate and share a bit of our knowledge with those in need as well as help someone who may be very nervous and anxious about the divorce and family law process. The first 30 minutes of your personal meeting that follows a phone consultation is also complimentary and if you change your mind and decide not to proceed after you meet one of our attorneys in person, that is certainly your right and it will not cost you anything.

You should take some time to think about your decision to hire a divorce lawyer NYC. It is an extremely important decision that you will make and will have a dramatic impact on your case and your future. Finding the right fit with a firm or an attorney in divorce and family law is a must and can be the difference between a successful outcome and a highly stressful and disastrous divorce. As such, you should carefully research attorneys and choose a legal team that has the required expertise and resources, is affordable to you, and will place your interests first. The choice is yours and we certainly hope we are the right firm for you.

We accept all methods of payment including all major credit cards. Payment can be made in person, on the phone or through our secure online portal.

As a divorce lawyer NYC, we utilize a state-of-the-art time keeping system that our staff is obligated to use for logging all of their time daily. The system keeps track through an automated process that requires each staff member to initiate a clock when any of the tasks on behalf of a client are started. The time entries are then verified by our managing attorney for inconsistencies or inaccuracies. All billable activities and expenses are itemized in detail on each invoice, which are sent to clients once per month. The client’s retainer balance is then used to satisfy the outstanding invoice balance. If the client has any issues or questions with the charges, those issues are resolved via a non-billable conference with our managing attorney.

We understand that our required retainer and legal fees can be very expensive for many. We try to accommodate prospective clients as much as possible to make sure that money is not the deciding factor for someone wishing to engage our firm. In certain instances, we can offer to break up the initial retainer in two equal payments with a few weeks in between to accommodate pay schedules. However, it is important to understand that we do not accept every case. Our capacity is limited as divorce lawyers because we exclusively practice divorce and family law and remain a boutique firm.

Multiple attorneys in our law firm are rated by the leading attorney ranking organization such as SuperLawyers, AVVO, and some have been names as being among the “best divorce lawyers NYC” and “Top Divorce Lawyer NYC”. However, we prefer to let our work and our reviews from our clients on Google do the talking. We really value our clients and stand by the quality of our work.

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Our divorce lawyers NYC are ready to help you. You cannot legally finalize your divorce until you have fully settled all the outstanding issues between you and your spouse, including the division of assets and debts, spousal support and the care of your children. If the two of you are unable to resolve these matters out of court, you will have a contested divorce and the judge will be called upon to rule for you. To protect your rights and interests, you will need experienced contested divorce lawyers in NYC to handle your case. It’s ok to just search online for “divorce lawyers near me”, but finding a family lawyer with experience and solid reputation may be tricky. The competency and trial abilities of your New York divorce lawyers will make all the difference in achieving the most favorable outcome in court.  Our divorce lawyers in NY have a strong reputation in Supreme and Family courts.


Best contested divorce lawyers in NYC know how to pick the right stance at the right time. Our divorce and family law attorneys in NY will help you choose when to settle and when to fight for your rights at trial. We don’t just call ourselves “best divorce lawyers”, we let our legal work and our reputation do the talking.


When the circumstances in a given case call for a tough litigation stance, your contested divorce lawyers in NYC need to have the skills and experience to fight in court in order to protect your rights.  Our NY divorce lawyers will know how to help you and protect your rights. You can rely on Mr. Kleyman as a divorce lawyer NY and his team as of divorce lawyers NY to protect you.


We will contact your spouse, their divorce lawyer, or the other side and will attempt to resolve all outstanding issues through amicable negotiation. Our job is to suggest all possible resolutions and options on each issue to help both sides reach an agreement without further legal process. As your top divorce lawyer NYC, we will work hard to resolve all of your legal issues. Every case and every client is unique. Our goal is to tailor our strategy to the specific needs of each case. There is a good reason why we are rated “best divorce lawyers NYC”.

divorce attorney nyc FOCUS ON RESOLUTION

In a family law matter, you can always find conflict and amplify it by the emotions that parties feel towards each other. However, this approach does not help to get people through the legal process. Instead, it traps them in conflict that becomes harder and harder to overcome with time.

There are several ways to approach a divorce or a family law problem. Our NYC divorce lawyers and family attorneys, don’t push you into one direction or another. We are the Manhattan divorce lawyers that work with you to choose the best approach that is tailored to your specific needs. Having a New York divorce attorneys by your side that understand your unique circumstances and work together with you to build case strategy is critical in every case. The right strategy in divorce and family law cases is often 99% of success! The Kleyman divorce attorney NYC that will be assigned to your case will first and foremost focus on resolution.


We will contact your spouse, their divorce lawyer, or the other side and will attempt to resolve all outstanding issues through an amicable negotiation. Our job is to suggest all possible resolutions and options on each issue to help both sides reach an agreement without further legal process.


Litigation can be very stressful, time consuming and expansive. Mediation is in many ways just the opposite. It is quicker and less costly, it reduces animosity, and it gives you control over the important issues and the details of your divorce. Our trained and experienced NYC divorce lawyers and family attorneys can help you explore pre-suit mediation as a less adversarial and less expensive method of separation and divorce.


A good divorce lawyer in NY will always start by explaining the option of mediating your case. It is natural for most spouses to put on boxing gloves and approach a divorce or separation as a fight. Considering the emotional aspect involved in experiencing marriage problems or going through a divorce, spouses often see each other as adversaries. Best divorce lawyers in NYC know that stepping away from the drama and mud slinging and examining the underlying issues and potential resolutions can not only help resolve those issues quickly, but will cost a fraction of the cost of prolonged and drawn out litigation. Our NYC divorce attorneys are trained to handle both voluntary mediations (pre-suit divorce mediations) and court-mandated mediations (contested divorce mediations). Our role as NYC divorce lawyers is to help clients take full advantage of this opportunity to resolve disputes, map out the future and avoid litigation.


More than half of our mediation cases are couples who want to resolve their divorce amicably without hiring attorneys. Our NYC divorce attorneys keep the discussion focused and guide you through even the most sticky conflicts. You will feel confident being represented by an attorney rated as best divorce lawyer in NYC by


In contested divorce or custody cases, the family court typically orders the parties to try mediating before proceeding to litigation. Our family lawyers and divorce lawyers in NY help clients make the most of mandatory mediation, often achieving an out-of-court settlement to the surprise of two people who expected a nasty courtroom fight. NY divorce lawyer can be of great assistance in mediation.


It’s a good idea to consider having a divorce lawyer NYC mediate your divorce. Divorce lawyer NY are able to guide their clients towards a successful resolution without the stress and expense of litigation in court. Val Kleyman is a rated best divorce lawyer NYC and he will help you identify your goals and choose a proper settlement position.


Attorney Val Kleyman is recognized as one of the “top divorce attorneys in New York”, “10 best lawyers” and “Super Lawyers – Rising Stars”. He has been a NYC divorce lawyer since the inception of his career. When you are searching for a one of the best divorce lawyers NYC, you have found the right firm.


Our NYC family lawyers and divorce attorneys place client satisfaction at the top of our priority list. This is why we have been recognized by NY divorce lawyer rating organizations as “10 Best Family Lawyers In NY” for client satisfaction. Mr. Kleyman is the right choice for your divorce lawyer NY. rates Mr. Kleyman as best divorce lawyer in NYC for several years based on client service and satisfaction.


When alternatives fail, the only way to preserve and protect your rights is through litigation in court. The key to wining in court is being prepared and being able to predict the outcome. Our recognized top NYC divorce lawyers and family law litigation legal team will build your case and aggressively represent your position. It’s not enough to just search for “divorce lawyers near me” on Google.

PEER RATED TOP DIVORCE LAWYER NYC & Best divorce lawyer nyc

Val Kleyman was selected as one of the “Best divorce attorney NYC” in NY by Super Lawyers and one of the “best divorce lawyers in New York City” by National Advocates. He is also rated by AVVO as “best divorce lawyer in NYC”.  Undoubtedly, you need a divorce lawyer in NY to help you with your divorce. Our legal team is highly rated by our peers in the matrimonial and family law field in New York.

A prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement is a contract between spouses that allows the parties to limit exposure to courts and litigation drafted by NYC prenuptial agreement lawyers. Prenups and postnups also lower the amount of financial and emotional risk associated with divorce. Divorce lawyers in NY recommend that couples decide to draft marital agreements to better predict and decide many financial and family issues in the event that a divorce takes place. Absent a marital agreement, the decisions about couple’s assets will be dictated by state laws and precedent cases that don’t necessarily serve the couple’s best interests. Having experienced NYC prenuptial agreement lawyers help you negotiate a prenup or postnup agreement can serve to protect the your rights and assets from uncertainty of potential legal proceedings. NY divorce lawyers will help you choose the best options to protect your rights. Our NYC prenuptial agreement lawyers have significant experience in putting together and negotiation of prenups and other marital contracts. Our New York divorce lawyers are ready to help.


Val Kleyman and other prenuptial agreement lawyers in our firm have vast experience drafting prenup and postnup agreements that are customized for each client. More importantly, our New York divorce attorneys are constantly closely following the developments in the law concerning marital contracts to make sure that our prenups and postnups are enforceable and will be upheld by the courts. Prenups and marital agreements are not one size fits all and have to be carefully crafted to reflect the desires of each individual couple. Mr. Kleyman is the right choice not only as a divorce lawyer NYC but also for your marital agreement.


It’s important to protect yourself and your assets, future and present, from the uncertainties of divorce. This is why our Manhattan divorce lawyers, Brooklyn divorce lawyers and Staten Island divorce lawyers and prenuptial agreement lawyers take allot of time and exercise great care to tailor each prenup agreement to our client’s unique circumstances. NY divorce lawyers in our firm will help you with premarital counseling and will put you on the right track to open the dialogue with your spouse about a prenup agreement. When you meet with our prenuptial agreement lawyers, you will feel confident and comfortable about your future and your decision to seek premarital legal counseling. Your Kleyman divorce attorney NYC will help you navigate the complexities of domestic relations law to assure that you and your assets are protected.

divorce lawyer manhattan, divorce lawyer brooklyn
divorce lawyer Manhattan, divorce lawyer Brooklyn and servicing all other NYC boroughs

We have offices conveniently located in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn where you can meet our Manhattan divorce attorneys and Brooklyn divorce attorneys. We also handle cases in all NYC courts including Queens, Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester. Our divorce lawyers NY are recognized as some of the top Manhattan and Brooklyn divorce lawyers.


When you are searching for a “divorce lawyers in NYC” and choosing among many divorce lawyer Manhattan, divorce lawyer Brooklyn, divorce lawyer Staten Island or other NYC family lawyers, you want to choose the attorneys that have knowledge and practice in the court where your divorce will take place. We have in depth experience in supreme and family courts in all of New York City boroughs.


Val Kleyman is recognized as best divorce lawyer NYC and his firm is highly recognized as top divorce lawyers Manhattan, divorce lawyers Brooklyn, Staten Island divorce lawyers and NYC family lawyers for our court abilities and litigation skills. We have a great reputation with our fellow practitioners and are held in high regard for our work ethic and commitment. Choosing a NY divorce lawyer is a very important decision. When you choose The Kleyman Law Firm, you choose to be represented by a lawyer who is rated as best divorce lawyer in NYC.


Our divorce lawyer Manhattan, divorce lawyer Brooklyn, Staten Island divorce lawyers and NYC family lawyers continuously support the local New York communities by offering free consultations and affordable representation to families that have difficult financial situations. Look for us by typing “top divorce lawyer NYC” in your search. You will find Kleyman divorce attorney NYC that is not only an advocate for his or her clients, but also an activist for his or her community.

best divorce lawyers NYC

Our NYC divorce attorneys handle the most difficult and complex divorce and family law matters such as cases involving complex division of property and assets, child custody disputes, contested alimony and child support, and division of pension plans and retirement funds. We will thoroughly prepare your case and will go to trial, if necessary, to protect your rights. The best divorce lawyers in NYC will utilize a team of legal and investigation experts to build your case in order to maximize your chances of success. A NY divorce lawyer will help you choose the best strategy for your case.


When your case needs to go to trial and you can’t settle or reason with the other side, you will need best divorce lawyers NYC to prepare thoroughly and work hard to protect you in court. When you are facing a judge in supreme or family court, you need an attorney by your side that not only knows how to prepare documents, but also knows how to present your best case in court through a convincing oral argument. Searching online and typing “divorce lawyers near me” will not help you find someone who is well trained and experienced for contested court cases. Our highly trained NYC divorce attorneys and family lawyers are well known in the matrimonial parts of the supreme courts and family courts of New York for their strong presence and oral advocacy.

LEGAL TEAM rated “Best divorce lawyers NYC”

Our divorce lawyers NY, divorce lawyer Manhattan,  divorce lawyer Brooklyn and Staten Island divorce lawyers include highly trained attorneys. Unlike hiring solo divorce attorneys our firm offers you an entire team of professionals to work on your case with resources and experience necessary to deliver successful outcomes. Meet and gain confidence in our divorce lawyers in NY.


Divorce and family related matters are not created equal. There are many ways to approach a divorce process or a dispute in family court. Having and experienced NYC divorce lawyer that knows how to choose the right strategy for a particular situation is the key to success. The best divorce lawyers in NYC will work with you to formulate the best approach that fits your needs and the needs of your family while preserving your rights. If you are looking for divorce lawyer Manhattan, divorce lawyer Brooklyn, or legal representation in any of the NYC boroughs, you found the right firm.


You must select top divorce lawyer NYC who knows how to approach high net worth cases.Individuals with high net worth often present a unique situation that requires in depth knowledge, skill and understanding from their New York divorce lawyers. Substantial personal and business assets are often involved with extensive categories of expenses that may include luxury primary residence, second and third homes, businesses with their own assets, investment portfolios, pension plans, private schools, nannies and an affluent lifestyle that must be properly addressed. A reliable divorce lawyer in NY will hep you with this complicated legal process.


When you are looking for the best divorce lawyers in NYC to handle a high net worth divorce case, you want to choose those matrimonial attorneys that have the required training and experience dealing with these types of cases. We are a team of New York divorce lawyers with proven experience in resolution and litigation of high net worth divorce matters.


Divorce attorney NYC with resources, who is able to secure other professionals such as investigators, business and real estate evaluators among many others will have an advantage in complex litigation. Handling a high net worth divorce case requires having access to many other professionals that will help to deal with various assets and build a solid case. This is why you should choose a divorce lawyer in NY with resources. The best divorce lawyers in NYC will have the requisite financial background necessary to properly address all elements of property division and financial obligations and will also have access to a team of forensic accountants, appraisers and investigators. It’s critical for a divorce lawyer NY to have access to these important resources. You will benefit from having proper legal representation from a divorce lawyer in NYC who has access to many resources.

best divorce lawyer in NYC, divorce attorney NYC
About Val Kleyman – rated best divorce lawyer in NYC

Mr. Kleyman has been practicing as a family law attorney since 2005 and has helped thousands of clients with family law matters. He frequently lectures and teaches divorce and family law as part of continued legal education to other attorneys. Val is a consistent commentator in the media in regards to domestic relations and family law matters.

Val Kleyman is rated as best divorce lawyer in NYC. This rating has been awarded to Mr. Kleyman by several attorney rating companies. If you are looking for a divorce attorney NYC, you will be well served by researching online and reviewing Mr. Kleyman’s credentials. You will find high praises from both past clients and colleagues that have worked with Mr. Kleyman and his team.

Attorney Val Kleyman is the founder and owner of The Kleyman Law Firm in New York, New York. Nationally ranked as best divorce lawyer NYC and among top attorneys in his region, as well as the entire country, Mr. Kleyman devotes his practice exclusively to family law, and he provides unmatched representation and support to clients throughout New York City and beyond who are going through a divorce or have other serious legal issues affecting their families.

Having handled more than 1,000 divorce and family law cases in New York, Mr. Kleyman has achieved significant success assisting and guiding his clients through the process and helping them make the best-informed decisions that will affect their families for years to come. With extensive experience handling high net worth divorces and complex property division matters involving investment portfolios, real estate, foreign assets and other complicated financial issues, he has earned the moniker “The Wall Street Divorce Lawyer.”

Mr. Kleyman’s clientele has included many high-profile celebrities, Grammy-winning musical artists, Wall Street executives, professional athletes and others with considerable means; however, he is also a selfless attorney who has also volunteered his time and services pro bono for those less fortunate in his community.

Over the course of his legal career, Mr. Kleyman has gained a reputation as a leader in his field, and he has appeared on several local and national news programs and other outlets, where he has offered in-depth legal commentary on a variety of topics related to family law. He has also conducted lectures and continuing legal education seminars across his region, and he has served on the legal faculty at Marino Legal Academy.

A 1999 graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience and psychology, Mr. Kleyman obtained his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in 2004. He is admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and he is an active member of the Libra Professional Network, the New York State Bar Association and the Psi Chi National Honor Society, among his other professional affiliations.

Honored for his outstanding professionalism and service, Mr. Kleyman has earned a Top 100 Lawyers for Divorce and Family Law ranking from The National Advocates as well as a “Best divorce lawyer NYC” in New York from the National Academy of Family Lawyers. Moreover, the American Institute of Family Attorneys has designated him among the Top 10 Family Attorneys in New York, and the American Society of Legal Advocates has named him a Top 40 Under 40 of Family Lawyers.

Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster that is full of turns and surprises. It works this way because of one important factor – human nature. When you meet someone and you fall in love, you start thinking and feeling differently. Your world changes and the person you love becomes the center of it. You place them first, abandon logic, common sense, reason and will do just about anything to make them happy and to make the relationship last. The same powerful force kicks in when you no longer love this person, except that now, it works to drive you apart. You are no longer thinking rationally or responsibly again and now this person becomes the target of your anger and disappointment. 

This is where we come in. Our job is to make sure that the right decisions and the right things happen at the right time. With unclouded judgement and deep knowledge of the applicable law, out goal is to get you to the other side of this complicated multi-lane divorce highway safely so you do not get hit by the oncoming traffic of legal, emotional and psychological issues. We also safeguard everyone and everything you carry in tow – your children and assets. 

So where do we start? We start by telling our clients the truth. The truth about them, their divorce, the decisions they already made and will need to make, the law and how the process will move forward, their legal rights as they relate to their children and assets, the road ahead and the financial and emotional costs that await.

The truth about us, who we are, what we do, what we believe in, how we practice law, run our business and how we handle these matters in and out of court. This is a very difficult and uncomfortable step because many times, we are forced to say things clients do not want to hear and we don’t really want to say. But it must be done, no matter how hard or inconvenient it may be for the client to hear the truth or for us to vocalize it. This is a first critical step to the formation of a proper and successful attorney-client relationship. 


Every client and case requires a unique individual approach. Our diverse backgrounds, differences, talents and abilities combined with our exclusive commitment to family law, enable us to offer a multidimensional and complete approach to the most difficult cases.

divorce lawyer in Manhattan, NY