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Few things are as life-altering as a divorce. It takes control over every aspect of life, including the person’s own self. My team and I understand these impacts and we work hard to help people stay in control of a tough situation. My goal is always to obtain a resolution as quickly as possible, while keeping the focus on what matters most to each client. It’s never a one-size-fits-all when it comes to divorce and family law. Each client, family and case is unique and requires individualized strategy and approach. Family law is not a job. It’s a calling.

Family law is not a job. It’s a calling.

Founder & Managing Partner

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Val Kleyman
Managing Partner
Wayne J. Mazur
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Richard Arce
Associate Attorney
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Jessica Zelenka
Associate Attorney
Manhattan Divorce Lawyer
Daniel Clement
Of Counsel
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In our firm, clients and their interests always come first. We swore an oath to help people and take great pride in offering fair and competitive pricing for the level of experience, depth of knowledge, and legal services we provide. We apply basic rules of fair dealing, transparency and full disclosure. Our work is always done in pursuit of what is best for the client. Therefore, if a case is best settled early and quickly, we will advise all sides to pursue an amicable resolution irrespective of the fact that we may have fewer hours billed and less in legal fees that could be earned. If a case requires a strong stance and a trial to best serve our client, we will deliver the highest level of legal representation and will not give up fighting for our clients until we achieve a just and fair outcome.

The Kleyman Law Firm is highly recognized by NYC judges, law clerks, court staff and fellow family law attorneys for being zealous advocates for our clients and leaders in our field. Some of our attorneys received their training and experience from working for New York City judges. From routine hearings to complex financial trials, we do our best work in court.

Our attorneys have the required proficiency and depth in matrimonial and family law. It comes from our relentless dedication to stay on top of case decisions and developments in the law. We take time to do legal research so that our clients’ positions are well supported. Being prepared and well versed in the substantive law is key to success in every case.

The right strategy in divorce and family matters makes a difference between a successful outcome and undesired consequences. We utilize both law and psychology to formulate the best approach for each case. Our team weighs all factors including facts, opposing party, their attorney, venue, and the specific judge assigned.

  • Rated as top NYC divorce lawyers
  • GOOGLE certified and highly rated
  • Former clerking and internship with NYC matrimonial judges
  • Complex financial and custody trials
  • Mediation and collaborative law
  • High conflict divorce and family law
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