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Divorce Attorney New York, NY

Divorce Attorney New York, NY

A divorce is a serious matter and you want someone you can trust on your side. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and make sure your legal rights are protected. It is very important to take your time and research several lawyers and law firms before you make your decision who will lead your case. If you are thinking about getting divorced, you should discuss the matter with a divorce attorney New York, NY residents trust.

How to Communicate With Your Spouse During a Divorce

If you’re on bad terms with your spouse, he or she might be the last person you want to speak to. However, if you have your lawyer give your spouse messages all the time, it can slow down the divorce process and cost you more money. Here are some tips for communicating effectively with your spouse:

  • Establish Boundaries: The first thing you need to do is discuss the method of communication you want to use and how often you want to be in touch with one another. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable meeting your spouse, you could tell him or her that you prefer to communicate by phone or email.
  • Don’t Contact Your Spouse When You’re Upset: If you are feeling angry with your spouse, you should resist the urge to call him or her. You might let your emotions get the best of you and say something you regret. Instead, give it a day or two before you contact your spouse. This way, you’ll have enough time to calm down.
  • Concentrate on the Issues at Hand: When talking to your spouse, you may be tempted to bring up past issues. However, this will just lead to arguing and make each conversation less productive. Your Divorce Attorney New York, NY will advise you focus on the topic at hand, whether that’s child custody or property division.
  • Watch Your Tone: When you speak with your spouse, you might use a nasty tone and not even realize it. However, yelling or talking in a demeaning manner will not solve any issues and may anger your spouse. Instead, try to talk in a calm and respectful tone.
  • Be Careful About What You Write in Texts and Emails: If you and your spouse communicate frequently through texts or email, you have to be extra careful about what you say. These messages can easily be printed out and given to the judge. If you said something rude or immature, the judge could form a bias against you. Before you send a text or email to your spouse, reread it to make sure it’s not offensive.

If you have other questions about your divorce, you shouldn’t hesitate to speak to your Divorce Attorney New York, NY. Contact the Kleyman Law Firm today.