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Family Law Divorce Attorneys Explain Why Enter Into A Settlement Agreement

family law divorce attorneys
Family Law Divorce Attorneys Explain Why Enter Into A Settlement Agreement

Going through a divorce is never pleasant, and having to attend public court proceedings that focus on the breakdown off your marriage only makes the situation worse. Depending on the situation, these proceedings can drag on for months (or even years), costing both parties time and money. In the end, a judge may be forced to make decisions that impact your personal life and financial security for years into the future. A Stipulation of Settlement Agreement can provide a far better option.

Greater Control

Family law divorce attorneys from the Kleyman Law Firm advise that in New York, a Stipulation of Settlement Agreement can provide an alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. Instead of attending court and arguing your case before a judge, you and your spouse, typically through your attorney’s, are able to negotiate important issues. This gives you greater control and can help ensure a better outcome when it comes to division of marital property, assets and debts, spousal support, and child support and visitation. In court, a judge would make the final determination.

Greater Privacy

During a divorce, personal issues you would rather keep private are likely to come up. Issues such as marital misconduct, alcohol or drug abuse, details regarding your finances, property you own, and the care of your children will be discussed at length. Negotiating a settlement privately between you and your spouse will afford you more privacy, especially for high-net worth individuals.

Greater Cooperation

While getting along better with your soon to be ex is not likely a priority, the ability to communicate and compromise can help post divorce, especially if you have children together.

Saves Money and Time

The longer your divorce takes the more money you will spend on legal fees and court costs. It can also take months to work around the courts calendar and judge’s schedules. A Settlement Agreement is far more efficient for obtaining a judgement off divorce in a timely manner, and can end up saving your money.

If you are considering or in the process of a divorce, contact our office to discuss your option and it a settlement agreement could help your situation. Any questions? Please contact the family law divorce attorneys at the Kleyman Law Firm at