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Manhattan Divorce Attorney – Will having children save your marriage? No.

Manhattan divorce attorney, child attorney
Manhattan Divorce Attorney – Will having children save your marriage? No.

The short answer: Not likely.  As divorce attorneys, we are faced with emotionally difficult cases which unfortunately involve bitter entanglement of young children.  More times than not, in the most acrimonious of situations, these cases involve messy custody battles which translates to exorbitant legal fees, as well as various experts being hired to come in and assess your family situation and make recommendations to a Judge as to who the more fit parent is.  A Judge then uses these recommendations when making a final decision concerning custody.

So why go through all of this when there are already serious doubts or concerns as to the state of your marriage?

Unfortunately, we have seen many clients in our office who tell us the same thing: “I should have listened to my gut” says Manhattan Divorce Attorney Andriana Toscano.   The next question then becomes, “Why did you stay if you had doubts?” There can be a multitude of responses.  Some being “I thought this was just a rough phase” “I thought we would grow out of it”, etc.  But that does not go back and change time, and at the end of the day, I know that irrespective of the pain any client of mine feels at that time while sitting in my office, they would still never want to go back and change time if it meant not having their children.  Nor could I blame them.

Nevertheless,  as a Manhattan Divorce Attorney, I advise is, if at any time there are serious doubts and/or concerns regarding your marriage at an early stage, take a step back and reassess the situation as a whole.  Talk to your spouse.  Communicate and decipher if the issues that you are facing now can be resolved and therefore save you from what could be hours of painful litigation in the future.  Arguably, one of the hardest parts of our jobs as being divorce attorneys, is witnessing children experience emotional turmoil as life changes around them –this is something we always try to avoid, and you should too.

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