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lgbt DIVORCE & family law
lgbt divorce & family law
The state of New York recognizes same-sex marriages making it the sixth state in the country to allow for gay marriage to become legalized. This also means that same-sex couples can get divorced and are entitled to the same legal protections and precedent available to heterosexual couples. Dissolution of a same-sex marriage is the same procedurally as it is for a traditional marriage with identical steps and issues that must be properly resolved. However, a certain level of experience, skill, and understanding is required from LGBTQ+ divorce lawyers to be able to successfully deal with this type of divorce.WHAT MAKES AN LGBTQ+ DIVORCE UNIQUE?While the steps in an LGBTQ+ divorce would be the same as a traditional divorce, LGBTQ+ divorces are completely different emotionally. Qualified LGBTQ+ divorce lawyers must be sensitive to and understand the emotional and lifestyle nuances that are associated with LGBTQ+ relationship situations.ARE LGBTQ+ SPOUSES ENTITLED TO THE SAME PROTECTIONS OF THE LAW AS HETEROSEXUAL SPOUSES?Since New York now fully recognizes same-sex marriage, the divorce process for LGBTQ+ couples follows the same guidelines, laws and precedent. Common divorce matters such as property division, spousal support, child support, and custody and visitation will be handled by LGBTQ+ divorce lawyers the same way they are handled for traditional couples.

Our NYC LGBT divorce lawyers will protect your rights.

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