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spousal support
high net worth Divorce
Depending on the duration of the marriage and the financial circumstances of each spouse in a divorce, spousal support may be awarded to one spouse on a temporary or permanent basis. Our spousal support lawyers NYC are ready to help you.

Spousal support is only one of the awards that a court may order when a couple gets divorce. It used to be called “alimony.” New York divorce lawyers no longer use that word, because it means money paid by a husband to a wife – and today, either spouse may be ordered to pay support to the other. Spousal support lawyers NYC now use the terms “support” or “maintenance” to refer to these payments. Our divorce lawyers can help you pursue financial support from your former partner to maintain your standard of living and ease your transition back into single life.

The amount of money and duration of how long a spouse receives support depends on the duration of the marriage and the specific financial circumstances of each divorce. Our spousal support lawyers NYC will assist you to properly calculate and evaluate your maintenance claim.

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