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Divorce Lawyer Queens – Don’t Underestimate The Power of Kindness!

Divorce Lawyer Queens – Don’t Underestimate The Power of Kindness!

A little kindness goes a long way. Whether it’s holding the door for a complete stranger. Or, even getting along with your adversary.  But there is something to be said when we give a little more during and after the holidays, especially during these times – it lights up our soul.


Being a New York City divorce attorney during the holiday season brings all kinds of emotions to the surface. Unfortunately, for those recently divorced or, currently in the midst of getting divorced, it can be exceptionally difficult to enter the holiday season filled with joy —especially when families are accustomed to celebrating the holidays together.  Understandably, letting go of holiday traditions which are normally celebrated together as a family, may be emotionally devastating. It solidifies and affirms the end of an era.  But, if a divorce means the end of an era, then it simultaneously infers the start of a new one —and, new beginnings mean new traditions.  So take it from a divorce lawyer Queens – we should not enter or exit the holidays as Scrooge.  Instead, try to set your emotions aside, and remember who is most important —your children.  Their holidays should remain as equally joyful to those celebrated in the past.


I had a client voluntarily agree to his wife spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with their son this year (being that it was their first year separated). Knowing that his (soon-to-be-ex) wife anticipated wanting to celebrate these holidays with their son, he did not want to take that joy away from her -especially during this difficult and unprecedented time, and agreed to spend time with his son after the holidays to celebrate. A good divorce lawyer Queens will tell you to make sure that you think of the kids first, then your own personal quarrels.


While at first, I had to explain to my client why I should attempt to allow both parties equal access time with their children, and that, as his divorce attorney, and therefore, perhaps there was common ground that could be met, he still insisted otherwise for the sole purpose of not taking this away from his wife.  I was astonished by my client’s selfless act.  He knew how much celebrating the holidays meant to her and so, he sacrificed them both this year, to make their first year celebrating holidays separated, easier.


I hope everyone channels their holiday season as peacefully and joyfully possible.  As a divorce lawyer Queens, I ask that you remember my client’s act of kindness, and continue the spirit of giving.  Perhaps focus on creating new and memorable traditions with your loved ones. You are not alone.  And, above all, remember the greatest gift of all, is witnessing your children’s happiness during these joyous occasions.

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