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Rated Best Divorce Lawyer NYC: Prenuptial Agreements Not ‘Kiss Of Death’

Rated Best Divorce Lawyer NYC: Prenuptial Agreements Not ‘Kiss Of Death’

Prenuptial Agreements were once perceived as a negative precursor to a couple’s marriage. The fact that couples would first consider the end before the start of their beautiful beginning, sounds morbid. But, a prenup answers most of the questions if the unthinkable happens. It allows the couple, not the court to make decisions about their dissolution, and could actually save them the cost of litigating over these issues later on – especially if their divorce is hotly contested.

As one of the attorneys rated “Best Divorce Lawyer NYC” by many well recognized attorney rating services, I often hear clients ask me if prenuptial agreements are a good idea. Nowadays, this traditional ideal has modernized quite a bit and prenups are becoming increasingly popular amongst millennials. There are various reasons why millennials wait to marry, thereby underscoring the need for a prenup, if and/or when they choose to marry, should they choose to pursue entering into a prenuptial agreement. Business Insider states that on average, couples wait just under 5 years to marry – if they choose to.

1) Millennials are children of divorce.

A majority of the age demographic now getting married are children of divorced parents (better known as the baby boomer generation), and therefore, are predisposed to the risks and effects of divorce. By witnessing what their parents went through, both financially and emotionally, millennials are cautious in taking the next step with their significant others. If and/or when they choose to take that next step, they proceed with caution, and wish to protect what they have already established.

2) Millennials wish to protect what they individually have established.

Being that millennials are waiting to walk down the aisle, it is likely that they have already obtained higher educations, and/or have established themselves professionally and financially. A marriage is an economic partnership, and therefore presumes that once married, whatever is obtained, is marital. It makes sense for a couple entering a marriage, wanting to protect what they have earned – or even protect themselves from the other’s debt (i.e. student loans).

The purpose of a prenup is essentially to take out the need to litigate issues involving equitable distribution if the unthinkable happens. However, as someone rated “Best Divorce Lawyer NYC”, I caution those who choose to have a prenup. While great in theory, unless properly written, they could incite even more litigation (than usual), to either set the entire agreement aside, or seek clarification if terms are ambiguous. So, please make sure you hire an attorney who has vast experience reviewing, drafting and negotiation of these agreements when thinking about entering into a prenuptial agreement.

Our attorneys are rated “Best Divorce Lawyer NYC” by top attorney rating agencies. If you have questions about prenuptial agreements or family law in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready and able to assist you.


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