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The importance of hiring divorce attorney in NYC who specializes in divorce

divorcedivorce attorney in NYC
The importance of hiring divorce attorney in NYC who specializes in divorce

Your matter could cost you more to fix your case than what it would’ve originally cost had you initially sought advice from a practicing matrimonial attorney.

Clients choose to hire non-matrimonial attorneys to represent them in their divorce for many reasons: (1) they are quoted a lesser rate and retainer, (2) they are a referral from a close friend/relative; or (3) they are your close friend/relative.  Choosing to hire non-practicing divorce attorneys to represent you in a matrimonial action can be risky.  Practicing in this field has its own nuances and variations in pleadings and/or motion practice -and they vary in each county.  For instance, in Westchester County attorneys must first obtain permission first to file a motion with the Court before doing so (unless it’s an emergency), whereas, other counties don’t require written permission.

Like other attorneys in my firm I’m a divorce attorney in NYC trained and capable of assessing your matrimonial matter. Our job is to spot the subtle nuances which could pose a potential risk to your case, and we have the right tools and experience to prepare ourselves and guide our clients accordingly. Significantly, we are aware of what is involved in cases which involve motion practice – such as pendente lite relief (seeking interim spousal maintenance/child support or to maintain the status quo). We have drafted these motions before; we know the relevant case law to be applied and submitted on your behalf. This experience alone makes it easier for us to prepare these applications than an attorney who practices in a different field of law.

A non-practicing matrimonial attorney, could potentially take longer to learn and understand this law and the pleadings involved. So, while they may quote you at a lesser hourly rate, the time it takes for him/her to prepare these pleadings could take longer and end up costing you more.

Or, perhaps you hired a non-practicing matrimonial attorney to represent you in what seems to be a simple uncontested case, and it becomes adversarial and now you’re in the midst of a hotly contested divorce. So, you decide it’s time to get a divorce attorney in NYC on board. (We see this all the time).  Depending on where your matter is in litigation, and if it’s already several motion sequences deep, this could equate to more legal fees for the amount of time it takes for us to assess your case, the pleadings involved, and the work that’s required to be done in your case.  There are a lot of moving parts when retained in the midst of litigation.  We need to decipher whether there are discovery deadlines that need to be met, or if a motion needs to be responded to, and/or when?  Or, perhaps these deadlines have already passed and nothing has been done. Then what? We do everything in our power to ensure that the judge does not deem these waived, and we get to work quickly to ensure your case is where it needs to be procedurally.

Think of it this way: if you need brain surgery, you’re not going to consult with a podiatrist, right? No. You’re going to go to a brain surgeon.

You don’t have to consult with any particular matrimonial attorney, but all we ask is that when you choose to hire your attorney, make sure they specialize in divorce and family law.

Val Kleyman is a managing partner and divorce attorney in NYC. The Kleyman Law Firm is located at One Rockefeller Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10020 and accepts cases in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island. For more information visit or call (212) 401-1977.

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