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NYC Divorce Attorneys Advise – “Read Before You Sign Any Divorce Documents”

NYC divorce attorneys
NYC Divorce Attorneys Advise – “Read Before You Sign Any Divorce Documents”.

In a New York divorce, almost every legal right and obligation of a spouse can be “contracted around” – meaning, if you don’t like what the legislature says, you and your spouse can write your own rules.   You can’t agree to anything illegal, or “against public policy,” – and you cannot get out of paying child support – but pretty much everything else is up for grabs.  Freedom to enter into contract is as American as apple pie. That’s why NYC divorce attorneys from the Kleyman Law Firm advise that you read everything carefully when reviewing any divorce related documents.

For those of us who look at societal norms and start to feel squirmy and uncomfortable, this legal option to create our own norms can be a breath of fresh air. But it is not all lollipops and roses.  One of the most common – and stickiest — issues we encounter as NYC divorce attorneys is a case where the couple has crafted an agreement, signed it, divorced, and then one of them realizes they didn’t fully understand what the contract meant – or worse, they believed they understood it and it turns out they were wrong.  Why is this so bad? Because, in creating and signing that contract, you are, in a way, writing your own laws.  And the laws you are writing govern the most personal parts of your life.  If you break them, there are consequences, and you cannot simply re-write them once they are signed into action.

I can already feel your attention drifting – contracts are not the most interesting subject, I know.  But that is why people are so likely to sign something they shouldn’t – they get bored reading it!  They trust that their NYC divorce attorneys know what they are doing and they sign without looking.  They don’t take the time to ask questions.  They sign in the same way we all sign those user agreements that pop up on your screen.  But this is not a Netflix account, this contract could potentially sign away your life savings, force you to sell your house, or financially tie you to a spouse you thought you were getting rid of in the divorce.  Having a good attorney won’t save you either – the attorney’s focus will be on creating a document that is enforceable, will be accepted by the courts, and reflects what they believe you want: but only you can truly know what you want, and you can only ensure that the contract will give that to you by examining it and asking questions.  Read that contract!

At Kleyman Law Firm, it is part of our practice to encourage our clients to read every document, ask questions, and make sure they fully understand what they are signing.

Kleyman Law Firm is known is rated a firm of NYC divorce attorneys and the right choice if you are searching for the “best divorce lawyer near me” handling complex, contested and high conflict divorces.  The Kleyman Law Firm is located at One Rockefeller Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10020 and accepts cases in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island. For more information visit or call (212) 401-1977.

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