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Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers

Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers

Working as a paralegal in the divorce field consists of being part of a team comprised of New York City divorce lawyers and other support staff, all working towards a common goal, and involves a position that comprises a wide spectrum of tasks and responsibilities. Does the thought of a monotonous daily routine at work sound unattractive to you? If I was presented that question, I would answer with an emphatic YES!! It is the main reason why I enjoy working as a paralegal side by side with New York City divorce lawyers.

On a Monday morning, my day may begin by filing a pleading with the Matrimonial Clerk at the Supreme Court in New York County, and the afternoon may involve sitting in on a client consultation and gathering pertinent information needed to move forward with a particular case. My Tuesday morning could be spent on the phones trying to get in contact with a court reporter in order to obtain a transcript or trying to communicate with opposing counsel regarding a future court appearance. Another day may be spent drafting pleadings or going through discovery provided by opposing counsel together with New York City divorce lawyers in my firm. The flexibility provided by the position and the inclusivity in the furtherance of the overall case, are some of the things that I find most enjoyable in being a paralegal in the divorce field.

The area of divorce law is one that deals with the most cherished and valued parts of peoples’ lives. My team of New York City divorce lawyers gives every case and every client 100%. When assisting someone whom is going through a divorce you are dealing with someone whom is going through an extremely sensitive and important ordeal, some may find this to be challenging. I personally, find it rewarding to be able to bring a bit of peace or a sense of security to a client that may be overly worried. Being a paralegal in the “melting pot” known as The Big Apple and working as a key member of a team of New York City divorce lawyers, one should be ready to come across very interesting situations, some unexpected others unheard of, and be prepared to analyze the facts objectively.

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