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Getting Divorced in Brooklyn – NY Divorce Lawyers

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Getting Divorced in Brooklyn - Divorce Lawyer In NYC New York City is made up of five boroughs, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn (Kings County), the Bronx, and Staten Island (Richmond County), each of which has its own court system and clerk’s office – and each of which, thus, has its own system for processing divorce applications. I am a divorce lawyer in NYC, and my firm has cases in all of these boroughs.If you are considering filing for divorce and you live in Kings County, here are a few things you should know:First, unlike some other counties, Brooklyn has an office within...

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Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers

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Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers Working as a paralegal in the divorce field consists of being part of a team comprised of New York City divorce lawyers and other support staff, all working towards a common goal, and involves a position that comprises a wide spectrum of tasks and responsibilities. Does the thought of a monotonous daily routine at work sound unattractive to you? If I was presented that question, I would answer with an emphatic YES!! It is the main reason why I enjoy working as a paralegal side by side with New York City divorce lawyers.On a...

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