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What info you need before speaking to a New York divorce lawyer?

new york divorce lawyer
What info you need before speaking to a New York divorce lawyer?

Reaching out to a divorce attorney for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. We’re here to help ease that process for you by giving you some information to make this first interaction as seamless as possible. It’s easy to get lost in the emotions of a divorce, as it is likely a very difficult time that you are going through. You want to be able to hire an attorney that is not only competent enough to handle your matter, but also one that you trust and feel comfortable with. This can lead to you “shopping around” and calling many different offices. And when you finally schedule a consult, here’s what you should know.

Know your goals

New York divorce lawyer is not here to tell you whether you should get a divorce. A consult is to give you an overview at what your divorce could potentially look like. If you go into a consult knowing you will be filing for divorce, then the next step is to have an idea what your goals are for the end of the divorce. Think about custody, living arrangements, and division of assets you may have together.

It’s helpful for a attorney to know what exactly the goals are for a separation so that they can accurately give you advice and a proper overview of how the case will be handled and better prepare you for what to expect.

Have your identifying information handy

While you might not necessarily need physical documents for your consultation, it’s important to at least know where they are. This includes any retirement/pension information, mortgage paperwork, investments, etc.

If you have multiple assets, it’s important to write these all down and know the basics (worth, title, date acquired). Make sure you have the information ready before you reach out to the New York divorce lawyer.


It may sound condescending, but if you do a relaxing activity before talking to your lawyer it helps you focus more on the issues at ease and getting your thoughts in order. Studies show that doing a low-intensity aerobic exercise for 30 minutes helps to increase positive modes, your cognitive-behavior, not to mention the release of endorphins which are natural brain chemicals that improve your sense-of well being. All of these benefits can be extremely helpful when talking to your divorce attorney given the high emotional nature of a divorce.

Other activities include reading, taking a bath, or meditation. Anything to put your mind at ease before will help you keep your thoughts and emotions concise so that you can focus and understand your meeting with your attorney. Remember, you can’t litigate emotion! Let your New York divorce lawyer handle the legal process.

Ask all your questions

And lastly, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Divorce is a complicated process and includes a lot of terms that may not be known to you. Additionally, it can be a lengthy process so it’s important to manage your expectations appropriately. Asking questions works both ways as well, and this is especially true during an initial consultation. By answering all your prospective attorney’s questions you allow them to accurately quote your case and manage expectations.

Val Kleyman is the founding partner of the Kleyman Law Firm,  and a New York divorce lawyer. He is handling divorce and family law matters and is rated as one of the top family attorneys in NYC.  For more info go to, email: or call 212-401-1977.


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