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Divorce Lawyer Manhattan – Why Is The Judge Taking So Long To Make A Decision?

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I'm a divorce lawyer Manhattan. As such, we often hear from clients  complain about the NYC divorce judges taking too long to make a decision on issues in divorce. The above complaint comes up in two different, but often related, situations: first, a judge who has “reserved” decision but who is taking an excessive amount of time to complete it; and second, a judge who, court appearance after court appearance, just won’t make up his or her mind, leaving it to the parties and their attorneys to try to work things out.The former situation can be partially explained by divorce...

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When will I be divorced (why does it take so long!)?

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When will I be divorced (and why does it take so long!)? - NYC Divorce Lawyers AnswerMany people who go through the divorce process become frustrated by the length of time it takes even for a so-called “uncontested” divorce to be finalized. Divorce paperwork for an “uncontested” divorce is filed when a couple agrees on all the issues and desires to simply pay the applicable fees and obtain a judge’s signature – seems simple, right?  Unfortunately, there are many behind the scenes steps required that most people are not aware of. NYC divorce lawyers from The Kleyman Law Firm tell you...

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