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Bobbi Althoff Divorce is a Lesson to All: Divorce Lawyer In Manhattan, NY

divorce lawyer in Manhattan, NY


Bobbi Althoff Divorce is a Lesson to All: Divorce Lawyer In Manhattan, NY

Tik Tok influencer turned podcast host Bobbi Althoff has broken her silence after the news of her husband, Cory Althoff filing for divorce.

The couple has been married since 2020, and have two children together aged 3 and 1. Court documents revealed Cory filed for divorce, listing irreconcilable difference for the grounds, and July 4, 2023 as the date of separation. Coincidentally, July was the same month Bobbi released the infamous Drake interview on her podcast. After rising success on Tik Tok with her deadpan mom humor, Bobbi started a podcast called The Really Good Podcast. She began her podcast in April of 2023, and would feature various social media influencers. While the podcast was successful, it didn’t skyrocket until Bobbi interviewed famous rapper Drake… from a hotel bed. “Not the best idea for your marriage” says Jessica Zelenka, a divorce lawyer in Manhattan, NY.

The one-hour interview featured Bobbi and Drake in a hotel bed with one another, while Bobbi maintained her deadpan humor and stuck to her bit of appearing to be un-impressed by Drake. This controversial interview raised a lot of eyebrows across social media, leaving a lot of speculation whether the two had a romantic relationship. Bobbi publicly commented on the rumors claiming they were “not true” in an Instagram post. To make matters even more suspicious, a few weeks after the podcast aired Bobbi attended one of Drake’s concerts in LA. After posting a video of herself joking to not have fun at the concert, Drake unfollowed Bobbi on Instagram. Shortly after the unfollowing, the podcast was mysteriously scrubbed from the internet without reason. Both Drake and Bobbi have not publicly commented on the reason for the deleted podcast or Instagram unfollowing. Fast forward to now, where we learned Bobbi and her Husband Cory reportedly separated in July of 2023. Could this be because Cory was upset his wife was “in bed” with another man? A millionaire rapper to be exact. As a divorce attorney, I believe the writing was on this one.

Divorce lawyer in Manhattan, NY, Jessica Zelenka says that in today’s age you see more and more the connection between breakups and one party’s rise to fame. Here, Bobbi rapidly grew a Tik Tok audience, while her husband appeared to maintain his 9-5. Following this rise to fame, Bobbi starts a podcast, which even further launches her into the celebrity world. It’s natural for her husband to feel some sort of jealousy or even resentment of this new life he did not previously sign up for. Then, you add podcasting from the same bed as a famous rapper? It makes sense that was Cory Althoff’s last straw. While you never want to see your partner in another person’s bed, the optics of having at least a million other users online see them as well cannot be the best feeling. “Fame is not for everyone, and when you marry someone you don’t always expect them to garner 7.1 million on Tik Tok in 3 short years.

According to divorce lawyer in Manhattan, NY, the uncovered Court documents sight irreconcilable differences, and that Cory is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their two children. He is not seeking spousal support, which is interesting giving her success as an influencer. Bobbi broke the news of her divorce on her social media platforms sighting that she is “grateful for her time with Cory” and that he is a “great parent to their two children.”

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