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Divorce Lawyer Manhattan – Why Is The Judge Taking So Long To Make A Decision?

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I'm a divorce lawyer Manhattan. As such, we often hear from clients  complain about the NYC divorce judges taking too long to make a decision on issues in divorce. The above complaint comes up in two different, but often related, situations: first, a judge who has “reserved” decision but who is taking an excessive amount of time to complete it; and second, a judge who, court appearance after court appearance, just won’t make up his or her mind, leaving it to the parties and their attorneys to try to work things out.The former situation can be partially explained by divorce...

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When will I be divorced (why does it take so long!)?

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When will I be divorced (and why does it take so long!)? - NYC Divorce Lawyers AnswerMany people who go through the divorce process become frustrated by the length of time it takes even for a so-called “uncontested” divorce to be finalized. Divorce paperwork for an “uncontested” divorce is filed when a couple agrees on all the issues and desires to simply pay the applicable fees and obtain a judge’s signature – seems simple, right?  Unfortunately, there are many behind the scenes steps required that most people are not aware of. NYC divorce lawyers from The Kleyman Law Firm tell you...

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Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn – Know Where The Money Comes From In Your Marriage

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Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn - Know Where The Money Comes From In Your Marriage If you’re going into the divorce process, there are two terms you will become familiar with very quickly: “monied spouse” and “non-monied spouse”.  The “monied spouse” is the spouse who makes all or most of the money in a marriage.  The “non-monied spouse” is the spouse who makes none or least of the money in a marriage.  With very few exceptions, the “monied spouse” is required to pay child support and spousal maintenance to the “non-monied spouse” for a pre-determined duration of time. Unfortunately, a common problem for...

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Divorce Lawyers In NYC Are Against The New Legislation Aimed To Further Tax Alimony.

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Divorce Lawyers In NYC Are Against The New Legislation Aimed To Further Tax Alimony. By now everyone has heard that the GOP is attempting to pass major tax reform legislation.  On Thursday, November 16, 2017, the House passed their version of the tax bill, the “Tax Cut and Jobs Act,” first introduced on November 2, 2017, and now the Senate will debate passing a version of their own. As one of the divorce lawyers in NYC, I'm opposed to this legislation.The House bill is sweeping - cutting the corporate tax rate, changing the rates at which personal income is taxed, eliminating...

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Why should you try to settle your divorce? Rated Top Divorce Attorneys In NYC Weigh In.

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Why should you try to settle your divorce? Rated top divorce attorneys in NYC weight in. There is a common misconception that all divorces must go to court, and that, once in court, the only thing to do is argue in front of the judge and hope he or she decides in your favor.   What most people don’t know is that the parties in a divorce have the power to settle the case at any stage in the process.   From before any papers are filed to mid-trial, the parties can sign an agreement and bring their divorce to a close. As one...

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Should I Hire Male Or Female Divorce Lawyer? Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn Answer.

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Does gender matter when choosing a New York matrimonial or family law attorney? Kleyman Law Firm Divorce Lawyers In Brooklyn and Manhattan offer their opinion.  Though the gender of your attorney ultimately makes little difference--in the courtroom or the boardroom--the fact remains that gender plays a role in the attorney-client relationship. The role it plays, however, is largely subjective, and will most likely vary based on the individual client. Divorce lawyers in Brooklyn will tell you that you will find a pretty good balance of male and female attorneys practicing in Kings County. This was not always the case. For many years,...

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Do Courts Favor Mom Over Dad In Divorce – Divorce Lawyers In New York Weigh In.

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The Gender-Based Custody Myth: Divorce Lawyers In New York Debunking the Misconception that Courts Invariably Award Custody to the Mother I see many clients that ask me about a common misconception that mothers (rather than fathers) will automatically be awarded custody of a child (or children) in a family or matrimonial court action.  In actuality, however, judges base their decision on a wide range of factors which have, over the years, consistently proven to be good indicators of the “best interests” of the child or children – none of which include the gender of the parent. Experienced divorce lawyers in New York will tell...

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Best Divorce Lawyers In NYC? Read This First.

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If you look for a New York divorce lawyer online, you will find many different attorney ads and websites that will plainly tell you that they are the "best divorce lawyers in NYC", "top divorce attorneys in NY" or any other bolstering language to make you click on their site and call them. But you are not a dummy. You are not going to think that just because someone tells you that they are "the best divorce lawyers in NYC", it really means that they are. No. If you are serious about finding the best divorce attorney for your case, you are going...

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Thanksgiving and divorce: Tips from a NY divorce lawyer

[mkd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""]Whatever you do, try not to turn Thanksgiving, into Pittygetting. - Val Kleyman, Esq., New York Divorce Lawyer[mkd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It's all about family and sharing a meal together with the people you love. But what happens when you are in the middle of a divorce? The giant elephant in the room can't be ignored, even if you stuff yourself to death with food and distract yourself with side conversations. You are reminded on this day that something in your life is...

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Where Does Divorce Start? Val Kleyman, Esq., Divorce Attorney In NY Explains

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One of the most common questions I'm asked as a divorce attorney in NY during consultations is where does one start the process of divorce. I proceed to tell my clients about filing and service of Summons & Complaint, which is the official beginning of a divorce in court. But the truth is that the process of divorce starts long before this step, and even way before a person is consulting a divorce attorney. It starts with one spouse making a clear decision that their relationship and partnership with the other spouse has come to an end. If this decision is not reached or...

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