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Getting Divorced in Brooklyn – NY Divorce Lawyers

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Getting Divorced in Brooklyn - Divorce Lawyer In NYC New York City is made up of five boroughs, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn (Kings County), the Bronx, and Staten Island (Richmond County), each of which has its own court system and clerk’s office – and each of which, thus, has its own system for processing divorce applications. I am a divorce lawyer in NYC, and my firm has cases in all of these boroughs.If you are considering filing for divorce and you live in Kings County, here are a few things you should know:First, unlike some other counties, Brooklyn has an office within...

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Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers

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Being A Paralegal For New York City Divorce Lawyers Working as a paralegal in the divorce field consists of being part of a team comprised of New York City divorce lawyers and other support staff, all working towards a common goal, and involves a position that comprises a wide spectrum of tasks and responsibilities. Does the thought of a monotonous daily routine at work sound unattractive to you? If I was presented that question, I would answer with an emphatic YES!! It is the main reason why I enjoy working as a paralegal side by side with New York City divorce lawyers.On a...

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FAQ’s About the Divorce Process: From a Divorce Lawyer In Brooklyn

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FAQ’s About the Divorce Process: From a Divorce Lawyer (1) Infidelity is expensive A popular impetus for the initial consultation with a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn is often the discovery, by one spouse, of the other spouse’s infidelity.  Often that spouse is, understandably, still angry and emotional about the discovered infidelity when they start the divorce process.  As such, I speak to a lot of people who want to know: how can the fact that (he)(she) cheated on me help me in my divorce? New York is a “no fault” state.  Essentially this means that anyone who meets the jurisdictional requirements can sue...

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Don’t Wait Until January To Leave A Bad Marriage – Top Divorce Lawyers In NYC

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January is known as the "divorce month" in the matrimonial law community. There is a large influx of divorce filings and regardless if you are one of the top divorce lawyers in NYC or just someone who recently started their practice as a divorce attorney, you will experience a great surge in business this month. Many New York divorce attorneys think that it's related to the holidays in December the desire for many parents to save their kids from the trauma of divorce. Statistics continuously support this "Christmas In January" for divorce lawyers trend. While this is good news for us,...

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Make The Best Of Going Through Divorce During The Holidays

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Best divorce lawyers and family attorneys in New York will tell you that whether you are litigating in court or negotiating a settlement, winter holidays can be a great time to help the sides reach a compromise because it's during these times we are reminded about the goodness in this world and important things in life that matter. Here are my thoughts and suggestions. The holidays are here but for you, the season of lights and festivities brings anxiety and stress. You are going through a divorce. Your journey through this complicated and painful legal, psychological and emotional process must continue...

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When Is The Best Time To Get Divorced According To NY Divorce Attorneys.

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Many people that are contemplating divorce try to figure out when the best time would be to end their dysfunctional marriage. NY divorce attorneys frequently meet with potential clients that are convinced that their marriage is over, yet are conflicted when they should file for divorce and start the process of terminating their marriage. While the decision "when" is very personal and specific to each situation, there may also be strategic advantages and disadvantages tied to the timing of starting a divorce.[mkd_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""]The client has to be emotionally and financially ready to take...

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Spousal Support – NYC Divorce Lawyer Reality Check

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It's 10 am on a hot summer Monday morning and while most attorneys are probably laying out on the beach enjoying an extra day to their weekend, I'm in my office in downtown financial district ready for my next client to come in. Why? Because unlike in all other areas of law, summer is the busiest season for divorce in New York, and I 'm a NYC divorce lawyer. With the sun shining, abundance of money and bikini clad bodies everywhere, high flying relationships are put to the ultimate test. Those that don't pass and don't have a prenuptial agreement, find...

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To Fight Or Not To Fight For Custody? This Is NOT The Question – Custody Lawyers In NYC

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Lets be real, divorces involving children are not "conscious uncoupling" as Gwyneth Paltrow would like us to believe. In the majority of cases we come across as divorce attorneys and custody lawyers in NYC, it is quiet the opposite. It's merciless warfare that turns former spouses and parents that once loved each other and their children into zombies that only wish to hurt one another and disregard the consequences to their kids. If Hamlet had children and was divorcing Ophelia, he would say: "To fight or not to fight for custody, that is the question". Only Hamlet and the rest of the people...

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Manhattan Divorce Lawyers Vs. Other Boroughs: Is There A Difference?

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What is it like to be a Manhattan divorce lawyer? Is it any different than being a Brooklyn divorce lawyer or being a matrimonial  attorney in any other borough of New York City? I was asked this question the other day, and having the experience of being a Manhattan divorce lawyer for the past twelve years, I can confidently say that there is a significant difference. The clients are different, the courts are different, the judges are different and the way the cases are decided is also different as you examine each borough. Manhattan divorce lawyers, and by this I mean attorneys...

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Best New York Divorce Lawyers Will Advise You To Settle Your Divorce Case Fast.

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If you are going through a divorce in New York, judges want you to settle your case, and you should listen. Some judges will flat out tell you that if you don't settle your case early on, both parties will not like the decisions that the judge will make. Other judges will tell best New York divorce lawyers in private conference to push their clients towards settlement as much as possible. The main reason for this is because there are simply not enough resources and too many cases in litigation that overpower the New York judicial system. However, the other equally important and...

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