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Best New York Divorce Lawyers Will Advise You To Settle Your Divorce Case Fast

If you are going through a divorce in New York, both divorce lawyers and judges want you to settle your case, and you should listen.

Some judges will flat out tell you that if you don’t settle your case early on, both parties will not like the decisions that the judge will make. Other judges will tell best New York divorce attorneys in private conference to push their clients towards settlement as much as possible. The main reason for this is because there are simply not enough resources and too many cases in litigation that overpower the New York judicial system. However, the other equally important and related reason is that judges don’t have the time, patience or attention span to understand the facts and issues of every case before them that leads to decisions that are “one size fits all”. Best New York divorce lawyers should advise their clients to take this into consideration before putting on the boxing gloves in divorce cases.

Generally, spouses that are in the middle of a divorce get so caught up fighting and dividing things that they frequently lose track of the things that really matter. Best New York divorce lawyers will tell you that the main objective of every divorce should be ending the marriage and the process of divorce as quickly as possible. If there are children, then spouses should also focus on minimizing the stress and impact that the divorce process has on their kids. All of this is quickly forgotten when emotions and anger take over and divorce becomes a competitive battle for control and fight for the win. This is why the judges step up and remind divorcing couples that they should refocus their efforts on moving on instead of stretching out the case in court. Best New York divorce lawyers should let their clients know early on that courts are inefficient and that settlement and collaboration is a better way to get divorced in New York.

There are many benefits in settling the divorce case early on as opposed to fighting a prolonged court battle. Best New York divorce lawyers will look past their personal financial gain and advise clients to make a serious attempt at settlement. There is the obvious reason of saving thousands of dollars on legal and expert fees. Instead, the money can be used on college education for the children or to help former spouses make the transition to their new lifestyle. The other important reason is that resolving issues by the spouses and their respective divorce attorneys who know the specific details and circumstances and have the time to properly address these issues leads to resolutions that are more accommodating and better serving the interests of both sides. Settlement also can have a very big impact on the relationships that former spouses have with the children of the marriage going forward. With less fighting and no ultimate “winner” or “loser” feeling at the end of litigation, former spouses are likely to continue positive and active parenting without alienating the children from each other.

So next time the judges or your divorce tell you that you should consider settlement, listen and take this directive seriously.








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