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Best Divorce Lawyers In NYC? Read This First

If you look for a New York divorce lawyer online, you will find many different attorney ads and websites that will plainly tell you that they are the “best divorce lawyers in NYC”, “top divorce attorneys in NY” or any other bolstering language to make you click on their site and call them.

But you are not a dummy. No. If you are serious about finding the best divorce attorney for your case, you are going to want independent facts and proof about these claims. Make them show you some evidence. After all, that’s what these lawyers will have to do for you to prove your case in court. Put these “top lawyers” to the test and you will find that most that brag about being the best will not be able to back it up. That should be your cue to run the other way. Here is why

  1. It’s probably unethical.

    Rule 7.1 of New York Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorney advertisement clearly demands that statements in advertisement must be factually supported by the lawyer or law firm as of the date on which the advertisement is published or disseminated; the dissemination of the information does not contain statements or claims that are false, deceptive or misleading or otherwise violate this rule. So how does one factually support a claim that they are “the best divorce lawyers in NYC” or “top divorce attorneys”? It’s quiet simple really. Just apply the “Says who?” rule. It’s certainly not enough for the lawyers to say they are the best. Is there anyone else who thinks this and is this a valid source or a review you can buy? As a rule of thumb, unless an attorney is nominated or rated to be “the best” by a credible independent organization, it’s not good enough to be used to attract potential clients.

  2. Best divorce lawyers in NYC for every case? Unlikely.

    When it comes to divorce and family law, the lawyers are not one size fits all. This is because of the very personal nature of matrimonial and family law practice. The facts in each situation are quite different and require a unique understanding and approach. The experience, personality, skill set and philosophy of how the lawyer approaches divorce and family law will vary for each attorney. These factors have to be matched to each client. Even within the same matrimonial and family law firm, each lawyer has their own style and abilities that may or may not work well as a match in your particular case. For example, a lawyer who has an aggressive litigation style may be best for a case that requires driving a hard line. The same lawyer would not fair well bringing this style to a situation requiring a collaborative mediation approach. It’s true that most lawyers have many different skills and can customize a proper strategy for each situation. But each lawyer certainly has only a limited set of abilities in which this divorce layer genuinely excels and can be considered best compared to others. Matching the attorney’s personal “best” with the “best” that is needed for your specific case requires understanding and analysis of your needs and taking time to match those needs with the right divorce attorney.

  3. Put your time where your mouth is.

    For matrimonial lawyers and family attorneys, time is money. We bill per hour, and it can be very expansive. When someone is telling you in their advertisement that they are the “top divorce lawyers in New York”, ask them to put their time where their mouth is to prove it to you. Request a chance to meet the attorney in person and to get to know them better during a free consultation. After all, if they are truly confident that they are the “best”, it will become very obvious to you when you meet them and get a chance to ask them questions to gage their skills and proficiency. Simply tell them that the complimentary consultation does not have to be about your specific case but more of a chance for you to interview the prospective divorce lawyers. After all, not only are you looking for someone who will help you deal with a life changing situation but you are also looking to purchase a super expansive professional service. You certainly have a right to take your time and test the waters before making this decision.

In the end, the best this to do is to go with your gut instincts and your senses. Forget the gold stars, ratings, ribbons, and ignore all the bells and whistles. The best divorce lawyers in NYC for you will be the those that properly understand your needs, have the experience, and take time to explain to you why they will make a good match. Do your research and make your decision based on what you see, what you hear, and verifiable independent facts. Those that are truly the best will earn your trust the old fashioned way in person by letting the facts and their reputation do the talking.

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