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No More Marriage? No Problem For Divorce Lawyer Manhattan

divorce lawyer manhattan
No More Marriage? No Problem For Divorce Lawyer Manhattan

According to a Pew Research study in 2020, “a majority of Millennials are not currently married, marking a significant change from past generations. Only 44% of Millennials were married in 2019, compared with 53% of Gen Xers, 61% of Boomers and 81% of Silents at a comparable age.”[1]

Marriage is a contract between two parties and the state they reside. The purpose of marriage is to delineate certain rights of married persons, in the event of a divorce or death of a partner. There are certain benefits that come with marriage, such as coverage under a health insurance policy, the right to receive alimony and spousal support, the right to share in marital assets, and the right to inherit. Divorce Lawyer Manhattan says that before the modern times of women being present in the workforce, marriage was a way to secure a financial future with a man. Now that women are equally educated, and earn similar salaries as men, women do not see marriage as a necessity to survival.

If the desire for people to seek marriage continues to decrease, and future generations reject the idea of marriage, will divorce lawyers become obsolete? The answer is no. So long as there is love and children, divorce lawyers will continue to thrive.

In American pop culture, the idea of a big wedding reception, a bride in a white dress and a groom in a tux, is an iconic, engrained image that is fed to children as soon as they are born. Dolls are sold with white wedding gowns, and teen romantic comedies on television and the movies sell the blissful union of marriage. Bridal magazines and wedding planning shows cater to large audiences, and the bridal industry earned $72 billion dollars globally.[2]

The idea of marriage is also sold as a requirement of “adulthood.” In movies, single people are portrayed as lonely or disturbed bachelors and spinsters. As divorce lawyers have seen too often, many unions are doomed to fail. It is a well-known fact that 50% of marriages end in the divorce. Even if millennials, Generation Z and future generations continue to dismiss marriage, there will be certain subsections of the population that will marriage.

Even of people don’t marry, many people have children with their partners. Whenever children are in the picture, problems will be sure to arise. Without divorce lawyer Manhattan, these problems will be blight of society, and injustices- such as lack of child support and alienation of parents will continue to happen. Divorce and family lawyers’ sole goal is to protect the rights of their clients, and to preserve the most valuable assets of a person’s life: money and children. As such, divorce lawyers will be a permanent fixture on Earth.




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