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Divorce Lawyer in New York – COVID-19 Outbreak Will Test Marriages

Divorce Lawyer in New York – COVID-19 Outbreak Will Test Marriages Like Never Before

“Distance makes a heart grow fonder. Proximity exposes the real truth about your heart,” Kleyman said.

According to Kleyman, many couples who will quarantine themselves at home due to the COVID -19 outbreak, will be forced to be with each other every hour of the day. For those who have children, school closures also mean that the couples also need to manage their children 24/7. This scenario for most is disruptive of the usual family dynamic setting up opportunities for conflict and a serious test of relationships. Over time, spouses will be required to remain in each other’s constant presence, work together, communicate, adjust, create new roles around the household and be each other’s sole source of support and in-person socialization.

“Most people who are not used to being around each other all day every day will find this to be very challenging. As families are asked to pull together and avoid all common social settings, couples are now facing the we only have each other scenario in real life,” Kleyman says.

For Kleyman, this challenging time marks a true test of marriages and relationships.

“From my many years of work as a divorce lawyer in New York, I can confidently say that this coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing is the biggest test of marriages. It asks spouses to overcome some of the most difficult marital challenges and reasons why people get divorced or break up,” said Kleyman.

But this is no time to panic according to Kleyman. Instead, it is time to pull together, support each other, be kind and understanding, enhance communication and be each other’s rock.

“For every marriage that will fall apart due to this pandemic and quarantine, there will be one that will become so much stronger. It is time for spouses to live up to their wedding vows or have their weaknesses exposed. Then, it will be time to decide if they want to work on fixing them or not,” Kleyman, a divorce lawyer in New York said.

One thing we all learned from this coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis is that you never know where and when your next challenge will come from.

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