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NYC Divorce Attorneys – “The L Word” Is Back With Generation Q

NYC Divorce Attorneys – “The L Word” Is Back With Generation Q

[Warning: spoilers for The L Word: Generation Q]

The Showtime series The L Word, which went off the air in 2009, broke new ground for the depiction of LGBTQ characters on television, giving visibility to a community whose love lives and relationships had rarely been taken seriously or depicted in-depth on prime time.  The series ran from January 2004 to March 2009, a time in American history when same-sex marriage was illegal almost everywhere.  According to NYC Divorce Attorneys at The Kleyman Law Firm, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004, joined by California and Connecticut in 2008, and Iowa and Vermont in 2009.  The L Word viewers watched as couples interested in marriage traveled to Canada, or found other ways to commemorate life-long relationships.

Now that The L Word has returned – as The L Word: Generation Q – the topics and tone have shifted with the times: where previously same-sex marriage seemed out-of-reach, now same-sex marriage is depicted as just as disposable as any marriage, with a fan-favorite character from the original series, Shane McCutcheon, facing divorce. This is all too familiar to the NYC divorce attorneys.

Five episodes have aired of The L Word: Generation Q, and Shane’s divorce has so far included all the classic hallmarks of the end of a TV marriage: attempts to dodge service of divorce papers, an unexpected extra-marital pregnancy, affairs, and sudden decisions to sell and purchase major assets.  We will have to see if show creator, Ilene Chaiken, will continue to delve into the details of this divorce, perhaps addressing issues specific to lesbian divorces such as the “presumption of legitimacy” of a baby, and what that will mean for Shane – and LGBTQ representation on TV, generally.

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